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7W LED Spot Light for Grow Light

7W LED Spot Light for Grow Light 7W LED Spot Light for Grow Light 7W LED Spot Light for Grow Light 7W LED Spot Light for Grow Light
Product name : 7W LED Spot Light for Grow Light
Item : GTL-GL7W
Details :
7W led plant grow light
7W plant light
7W led plant lights
led grow lights
7W led grow lights

 led grow lights

led grow lights

These lamps consist of 7 x 1watt high-intensity LEDs, they are designed to fit the colour spectrum required for plant growth. The lights are surrounded by a cast aluminium heat sink (ensuring that they operate at peak condition over their entire life cycle ie not relying on fans for cooling which are themselves subject to breakdown) and screw directly into a standard Edison screw socket(7watt AC220/240V 50Hz).

As can be seen from the picture they come in 3 Types:- 1 Red + 6 Blue, OR 6 Red + 1 Blue, OR 7 White. and the Red LED have 660nm LED and 630nm LED.

dia 80x 95 mm
7 W
Working environment
-20~ 60 Centigrade 
280 Lm
Storage condition 
-40~ 85 Centigrade 
50,000 Hours
white, blue(470nm),red (630nm or 660nm)
Lighting time per day
10-16 Hours 
Lighting Area
1 m ² ( 0.3m height ) 
Input current 
Lux (center ) 
700lux(24 inch height)
Height above the Plant 
Power factors
115x115x115cm /1pcs
Sample Price 
USD 20

These are second-generation, where each LED is much larger and producers much higher intensities than the first-generation smaller LED lights, an example of which is seen inserted between the two 7W lights.

Use more blue light to produce sturdier seedlings. Switch to more red light if you wish your plant to start to flower and fruit.

Blue dominant lights may be used as a supplement for HPS lighting.

Red dominant lights may be used as a supplement for sunlight or MH lights.

Replace or complement existing grow lights; Put high intensity light in a confined area; Reduce power consumption; Reduce heat output, etc.

Unlike some other LED grow lights each 1W LED comes with its own lens, increasing the intensity of the light being delivered to the plants.

Select the type of lamp you require from the drop-down list.

The 7W White light also makes a great low power reading lamp.

these are high-quality LED lights specifically designed for growing plants, the aluminium heat sink will mean you get sustained output over the life cycle of the lamp. In some LED advertisements you will see that their life cycle has been rated at 80,000 hours, however at 80,000 hours the lamp intensity will have dropped to 50% the reality is that these lamps if treated correctly will maintain greater than 80% of their initial intensity for approximately 50,000 hours, the equivalent of burning a light for 18 hours a day, 365 days a year for 7.5 years.

The 7 W LED lamps have a standard Edison screw base and when combined with the flexible clamp lamp give you unparalleled flexibility in how you can concentrate the light on exactly the parts of the plant that are required. One of these lamps can be used to bring a seedling quickly and efficiently to a small plant stage, when further lights can easily be added as the plant gets either bushy or taller or both(see below for more info), this is a whole new way of growing plants inside, no longer do you have to waste large amounts of power and light.

These are second-generation, where each LED is much larger and producers much higher intensities than the first-generation smaller LED lights, an example of which is seen inserted between the two 7W lights. We were originally going to stock these lights but found we achieved more than twice the performance, with regard to plant growth, with the new 7W globes (7x1W LEDs) compared to the older 14W globes which have approximately 160 tiny LEDs.

Lenses - lenses can be easily changed just requiring a small Phillips head screwdriver, the lights comes with 1 central Blue or Red LED with a 50° lens surrounded by 6 Blue or Red LEDs with 30° lenses, the reason for this is to make sure that the centre colour mixes evenly with the other colours, or 7 White LEDs with 30° lenses(also makes a great low power reading lamp). Extra 40° & 50° lenses are available, see below, so you can further tailor your lights to your specific growing needs. A reason why you might change lenses is that if you need to place the lights closer to the plant then spreading the light by using wider lenses will allow you to do this. You will also find this useful if you are using it to grow snow pea sprouts or other salad greens where you wish to accomplish it in the smallest possible area as possible i.e. having the lights as close as possible to the plant. Remembering that the more you spread the light the less the intensity, but the closer you place the light source to the plant the intensity increases. You can also remove the lenses for superwide-spread applications.

As can be seen by the picture the clamp lamp's used to house the LED lamps, connect easily to our modular stand system, which you can choose your own configuration, be it a small unit in a bookshelf, on a kitchen bench, or freestanding with plants on either side. This gives you unparalleled flexibility in being able to move the lamps around to cover just about all possible growing situations.

In the near future, with solar cells on your roof, you will be producing much more electricity than you will be consuming in growing your own food.

 7W led grow lights

Other features of LED grow lights are:

Energy efficient Save 75% on power over HID lighting, plus reduce or eliminate power consumption caused by extra blowers & air conditioning systems.

Better for plant growth Plants can use nearly all of the light emitted from LED Grow Lights - please see graphical illustration to the left.

Only about 10% of the power used & about 35% of the light generated by metal halide lamps is useful for plant growth.

Low heat output Warm to the touch. LED Grow Lights produce very little heat. No special ventilation or air conditioning is needed.

Economical Long life, low power consumption, high efficiency & cool operating temperatures make LED Grow Lights a cost effective choice for your indoor growing needs.

Light is Controlled The balance of red & blue light can be varied as needed for optimum results.

More Versatile Grow tomatoes next to African violets or orchids - all will thrive. LEDs will not scorch young or tender plants.

Select the type of lamp you require from the drop-down list below then select the quantity.

Which lamps to choose:

If you are choosing to grow salad Greens like our Snow Pea, Field Pea, Wheatgrass, Cress, Mustard Sprouts etc, then I would suggest you use the 7w Blue light ie 6xB & 1xR, or the 7w White light, with its 6000k col.temp. it has a lot of blue as well as a mix of other frequencies across the visible light spectrum, these will give you very good results needing 1 light per 1 or 2 pots(depending on height above the plants).

If you would like to grow greens that have a longer growing cycle like Rocket, Basil etc then I would suggest you use either the 12w light, 1 per pot. Or you could start the plant off when it's very small with a 3w, then a 7w White LED light?and then add an extra 7w White if necessary.

If you would like to grow a plant to flower & fruit eg tomato,then you could use one 12w directly overhead for the 1st 4 weeks (or start with a 3w White then replace with a 7w White then add the 12w (8R4B), then place an extra 12w next to it, so they are about 8cm apart, this is an extremely efficient way of doing it as you just merely add extra lights when they are needed, a further savings in energy costs, or you can use one 21w(coming soon)?per plant. In all these situations the 7w lights can be used at any time to fill in any small dark spots eg lower foliage or increase the red lighting during flowering(best to swap the lenses to all 50° when using them close up, or simply take the lenses off, the LEDs without the lenses have a 120° light spread, obviously this is a waste of light in many situations, hence the use of lenses, but if you are using close-up, and or, you are using one of our reflective growing chambers then any light that spills past the plants will be reflected back to the plants by one of the reflective surfaces).

We are the distributer of these lights so if you are a reseller please contact us. 
7W led plant light
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