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120W ARK Aquarium LED Light

120W ARK Aquarium LED Light 120W ARK Aquarium LED Light 120W ARK Aquarium LED Light 120W ARK Aquarium LED Light
Product name : 120W ARK Aquarium LED Light
Item : GTL-AQARK120W-1
Details :
LED Qty:60pcs * 2W         Size:288*280*75mm            N.W.:3.7kg          Certificate:CE、RoHS
Unique innovative ideas:
Wide range voltage input 100-240V AC
cool grow lightDouble cages structural heat dissipation design,better cooling performance
 The double cages structural design change the heat dissipation mode of the traditional LED grow light, 
divide the inside of the lamp to tow parts, and form two heat-dissipation cages, 
cut off the internal thermal 
 effectively and reach the best cooling performance.
       Use the unique air-out design and open air exhaust in the two sides of the lamp, remove the high
temperature air rapidly, ensure the light body operation in a low-temperature environment.
Prevent drippage water design
       The lid of the light is with sloping ends and 5°angled holes to prevent the light from the damaging of drippage and dust.
High quality 3W LED+700mAcurrent=The top performance
     700 mA is the best drive current for 3W LEDs,runing LEDs with possibly high current can take full advantage of LEDs, making your initial investment in LED devices to be well worth it.However, LEDs and LED drivers should be of superior quality as so to undertake the high electric current, besides the entire equipment should be good enough in heat dissipating to bear all the heat emitted by 3w leds.Selects the finest LEDs and drivers to ensure the stable performance as well as the long life span of the fixtures,our three-year warranty policy proves our confidence in products.
V. RTPM intelligent control systemRemote,Dimming,Timing and Temperature control
       RTPM is a multifunction intelligent system, including remote, dimming, timing, custom temperature control and mult-unit chaining function. In order to meet the growth demand of all kinds plants, the users can choose various different lighting effect scheme.
1Remote-controlled, dimming and timing
There are three controllable circuits in the light, the brightness value is 0%-100%, in order to add and reduce the adjustable brightness , 1% or 10% is available, also, 1% is allowed to adjust the brightness in the single circuit. Four time bucket can be set on brightness in each circuit. In the right system time setting circumatances, when the time reach timing time bucket, the hole light will turn into the timing preinstall brightness automatic.,24 hours continuous cycle.(Please see the remote operation instruction manual )
2Temperature control and protection
   When the heat sink temperature over 65℃, the intelligent temperature control will cut off the power supply system automatic. The system will outo star when the temperature cooling to 50°.
3Data memory
   The brightness and timing setting will auto-save after setting 45 seconds, the lamp will enter the setting brightness condition last time when it electrify and get to work next time. The system time will keep the clock continuous operation about 3 months after the lamp completely without electricity, the built-in superbattery will be full charged within 20 seconds. Also, it without needing battery replacements.
120W LED Aquarium Light
Actual power
Input voltage
LED color
Output voltage
50,000 Hours
Input current
Brightness value
Low voltage impulse
Control system
Working frequency
Working environment
Product size
Inner carton size
G.W.(Inner carton )
Outer carton size
G.W.(Outer carton )
Standard configuration
LED Light x1,Remote control x1,Power line x1,Chaining x2,Remote control operating instruction x1
The above parameter is based on White:Blue=1:1, for reference only
Illumination and PAR value data sheet
PAR (umol m-2s-l)
Irradiation Area()
(Remarks: the irradiation area is base on PAR value>10 )
1. Changed mesh vents to hollow out, increase the air displacement and the cooling capacity per unit time, more convenient forcarrying.
2. Using built-inquiet fans, and use the shutter in the wind, induced draftfrom all sides, very low noise, waterproof and dustproof, waterproof grade can reach IP32.
3. Special structure make the heat dissipation effect very good, the temperature of the LEDs' feet dropped below 50°, lowestbad loss rate of the lamp bead.
4. Useadvanced isolation power supply and soft start protection technology, to prevent the high voltage when turn on the light from damaging the lamp body.
1. Use high quality LED lighting source, the lifespan is up to 50000 hours.
2. Replace 3~5 times of the HPSL power, 80% electric energy saving than the tradition HPSL and MHL.
3. High lighting effect, 90% of the light will be absorbed by the aquatic plant, but to the traditional HPSL and MHL, the lighting effect is just 8%~10%.  
4. Input cooling system, well solve the heat sink problem.
5. The input voltage is AC100V~240V,suitable for the world standard. Built-in power supply. No need other equipment, just access AC100~240V voltage from the plug, the lamp will be working smoothly, don't need the reflector and ballast either.
6. The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments, the same as the parameter .
          7. Environment-friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.
          8. Customers can choose different ratios, Our suggestion is white: blue=2:1 or 1:2, the common temperature of the white is 12000~14000K or 6500K, the wavelength of the blue is 460-470nm. The mixed light of red, blue, orange, yellow, UV, IR and white provide the hydrophyte needed light spectrum.The white LED colour temperature for the fresh water tank is 6500K, 12000-14000K for the salty water, the blue light are good for the growth of hydrophyte, customers also can choose the more suitable wavelength and LED colors.
Ideal for all the aquatic organisms, use the blue lights at night, can appear the fluorescence colour of the corals and the software fish, more gorgeous and bright-coloured, stronger penetration and the best ornamental effects.
1. In order to save energy, please turn off the power if not use the lamp in a long time.
2. Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture.
3. The working environment for the light is -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH.
4. To protect the light, Pls cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.  
5. Don’t touch or move when the light working.
6. The above parameters are according to the conventional ratio(White:blue=1:2), customers can choose different ratio according to different require.