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grow light shell factory led grow light aging
Grow Light Shell Production Grow Light Shell Production
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LED Grow Light Aging LED Grow Light Workshop (DIP)
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LED Grow Light Packing LED Grow Light Power Supply Aging
UFO led grow lights
Grow Light Wave soldering

Glue Injecting

Wire Bonding .
Thermal Shock led grow lights
Thermal Shock:Test the reliability of the products in the shifts of lowest temperature to highest temperature, and vice versa.
Light integrating spheres:Make the result more reliable when testing the lumen. It can lower or remove the measurement error caused by the shape of the light, beam angle, and the different response from different position of the detector.

Grow Light Wave soldering

Wave soldering Line: Wave soldering process and condition to assure the reliability of the products. High Temperature Aging Test:
Test the reliability of the products in high temperature condition.
led grow light aging grow lamp aging

Led Grow Light Test

LED Grow Lamp Aging